Confluence, from Atlassian, is more than just a team collaboration software. It’s an interactive workspace that fosters creativity, enables information sharing, and promotes productive discussions. Confluence is designed to improve productivity and enhance collaboration across any organization or team.
Unlock your team’s potential with Confluence. Encourage collaboration, foster innovation, and improve knowledge management across your organization.

Confluence is ideal for teams and organizations that aim to enhance their collaboration, improve knowledge sharing, and streamline project documentation across various projects and departments.

Discover how we can assist you in the licensing process and get the best deals on Confluence for your organization.

Who can benefit from Confluence? And How?

Companies across sectors - whether it's IT, Marketing, HR, Operations, or others - seeking a robust knowledge management and collaboration tool will find Confluence immensely beneficial.

Interactive Workspace for Teams and Persons

Confluence provides a dynamic workspace where teams can create, share, and collaborate on documents in real time.

Centralized Knowledge Management

Store and organize all your documents and project information in one place, making it easy for team members to access and update.

Integrated Project Management

Easily track project progress, assign tasks, and maintain transparency across your team. Leverage integration with Jira and other products and apps.

Powerful Editor

Create compelling documents with rich text, multimedia support, and dynamic content. Assign statuses and collect content feedback and improvement suggestions. 

Advanced Search

Quickly find what you’re looking for with powerful search and filtering options. Use additional search tools like label list, inline search bar, etc.

Seamless Integration

Confluence integrates smoothly with other Atlassian products and a wide range of apps and plugins. For intranets, there are powerful front-facing design plugins, too.

Find out whether Confluence is a good fit for your company’s needs – explore Atlassian’s product page.
Already using Confluence but want to take more out of your investment? Learn more about our configuration audit service. 

Meet your teams' needs right away with Out-of-Box Templates

Take Your Confluence to the Next Level

Go beyond out-of-the-box capabilities by extending native functionality and developing new application scenarios to suite your business' unique needs and create extra value at each process step.

Confluence solves all things around organizing documentation and standardizing content – be it customer documents or internal policies. However, tailored add-ons to the native capabilities tend to drive faster adoption  and higher satisfaction among employees. 

Wearing both hats – Atlassian Solution Partner and Marketplace Vendor – allows us to strike the balance between solution exclusivity and cost effectiveness. We help you leverage the native capabilities to the maximum, and then advise on 3rd parties’ extensions and apps or create a custom add-on for you to achieve perfect fit to your peculiar style of work or organizational culture. 

Check some examples of custom-designed solutions leveraging Confluence and Refined app for enhanced user experience and navigation. 

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Discover the joy of collaborative working

We are your experienced and certified local partner and we are determined to find the best solution for your challenges. 

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