Beacon by Atlassian is an intelligent threat detection engine designed for Atlassian’s cloud products. It seamlessly integrates with Jira, Confluence, and Atlassian Admin to provide a robust security layer for your organization.

Beacon by Atlassian is your organization’s security watchdog. It continuously monitors your Atlassian cloud suite, alerting you to risky events before they escalate into incidents. Don’t just react—proactively secure your digital assets with Beacon

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Essential Capabilities

Harness the Power of Proactive Threat Management with Beacon

Real-time Monitoring

Receive instant notifications for any unusual activities or security threats. This feature enables you to act swiftly, minimizing potential damage and enhancing your organization’s overall security posture.

Seamless Integration

Effortlessly incorporate Beacon into your existing Atlassian cloud ecosystem, including Jira, Confluence, and Atlassian Admin. This ensures a unified and streamlined security experience without the need for additional configurations or third-party tools.

Automated Analysis

Significantly lighten the burden on your security personnel by automating the process of threat detection. Beacon’s intelligent algorithms analyze patterns and behaviors, allowing your team to focus on strategic decision-making and complex security challenges.

Three Pillars of Beacon's Intelligent Threat Detection

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