Jira Service Management

Leverage the power of Jira Service Management to transform your ITSM and ESM services. Streamline your service requests, incidents, problems, and changes, and deliver high-quality service to customers and employees alike.

Jira Service Management, a robust service management tool by Atlassian, is not just for IT; it’s a leader in both IT Service Management (ITSM) and Enterprise Service Management (ESM). It’s a versatile platform that combines customer service and project management capabilities, designed to improve both customer and employee experiences.
Companies across sectors, especially those with a strong reliance on IT and service processes – IT companies, Managed Service Providers, or large enterprises with an internal IT department – will find Jira Service Management significantly beneficial. Discover how we can assist you in the licensing process and get the best deals on Jira Service Management for your organization.

Why Choose Jira Service Management?

Jira Service Management provides a comprehensive solution that streamlines your service management, improves incident response times, enhances customer satisfaction, and optimizes your internal service processes.

Products Integration

Seamlessly integrate Jira Service Management with other Atlassian products and third-party apps for a more streamlined service management experience.

ITSM and ESM Leadership

Jira Service Management is recognized for its superior ITSM and ESM capabilities, providing a robust platform for both customer and employee services.

Data Analytics

Gain valuable insights into your service management with robust reporting and analytics.

Service Level Zero

Create a self-service knowledge base, reducing the number of repetitive queries and empowering customers and employees with self-help options.

Intelligent Automation

Automate repetitive tasks, set up auto-responders, and automate workflows to improve response times and resolution rates.

Service Portals

With dedicated portals for customers and employees, it’s easier than ever to manage service requests, report issues, and track progress.

Opsgenie: Your Operations Command Center

With Opsgenie, take control of your IT incident management like never before. Streamline your alerting processes, customize workflows to suit your team's needs, dive deep into performance analytics, and trace incidents back to deployments and commits—all in one unified platform.

Unlock the potential of efficient service management

Deployment of Jira Service Management includes setting up, integration with your existing tools, and user training. Contact us for a custom quote.


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