Licensing and counselling for Atlassian Products

Maximise your investment in Atlassian products. We ensure you choose the right combination of products, apps and licenses, helping you reduce administrative costs and simplify the entire process – from purchase to management and renewal.

Choosing, purchasing, and managing the entire Atlassian product portfolio can cause headaches and unwanted costs within your organisation. This process can prove highly complex even for experienced users, even more so in large organisations where we run into various types of contracts and licenses, renewals, upgrades, payment terms, downgrades, and user tiers.

Our team is with you every step of the way to eliminate these challenges – from choosing the suitable license to getting the best deal, implementation and training. Our customers get free full-service renewal management, software asset management, free trials and early price increase alerts.

Eliminate licensing complexity and reduce administrative costs

Get highly-lucrative license deals

We guide you in choosing the most suitable configuration based on the needs of your organisation, regardless of the type of hosting (Cloud, Data Center or Server). Obtain offers at the most advantageous price for each Atlassian tool that your organisation needs.

License optimisation and co-terming

Increase or decrease the number of licenses and adapt their configuration to the organisation's needs. Get extended licensing and flexible payment terms, with the option to pay a single annual invoice. This way, you can better control costs and avoid missed renewals.

Light-fast renewals and upgrades

We track expiration dates and manage the license renewal process across your entire portfolio. We proactively send renewal alerts to ensure ongoing support and avoid late payment penalties. Do you want to increase the number of users? We inform you of all the options and guide you in making the best decision for the team.

Smooth and seamless transitions

Have you already purchased your licenses? Worry not - we can pick them up without you signing separate license agreements. We not only manage licenses for the Atlassian suite but also for the marketplace applications you use within your organisation.

Our Process


We schedule an initial discussion to explore deployment options, user tiers and add-ons required for your desired functionality.


We design a custom offer based on your specific circumstances, activate your subscriptions and provide all licences.


We keep you updated with any important modifications to the product portfolio and notify you at least one month before expiration dates.

We cover the entire Atlassian suite

Plan, Track & Support

Jira Software
Jira Work Management
Jira Service Management
Jira Align



Code, Build & Ship




Eliminate inefficiencies between IT Ops, Dev and other teams to deliver great customer and employee experiences.

Transformation through digitalisation

Automate processes and increase execution speed and operational efficiency throughout your organisation by applying agile principles.

Agile project management

Accelerate the implementation of Scrum or Kanban methodologies with our support through Atlassian tools.


Modernize and automate processes, align teams, optimise resources, and reduce divergence between test and production.

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