Atlassian Compass

Compass is a developer experience platform designed to unify your distributed software architecture and the teams that collaborate on them. It serves as a mission control for your distributed architecture, ensuring that everything is in one place.

Compass is your all-in-one solution for understanding and improving your distributed architecture. It not only helps you keep track of your technical components but also ensures that your teams collaborate efficiently. With Compass, you can apply engineering best practices at scale and always stay updated with real-time activity updates from your components.

Companies across sectors, especially those with a strong reliance on IT and service processes – IT companies, Managed Service Providers, or large enterprises with an internal IT department – will find Atlassian Compass significantly beneficial. 

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Why Choose Atlassian Compass?

Unified Experience

Compass is a holistic platform that integrates your distributed software architecture. It unifies components and teams, promoting collaboration, reducing silos, and enhancing the developer experience.

Real Time Updates

Stay ahead with Compass. It offers real-time insights into components and dependencies, ensuring you’re always informed, facilitating prompt decisions and stakeholder alignment.


Compass recognizes the uniqueness of software needs. It’s adaptable, allowing integrations with both internal and external tools, and its UI can be tailored for a personalized experience.

Best Practices

In the dynamic realm of software, Compass champions best practices. It allows teams to standardize these practices, emphasizing security, compliance, and reliability, making them integral to the development process.

Integration Capabilities

Integration is pivotal in today’s development. Compass ensures seamless connections with various tools, letting you focus on delivering top-notch software.

Software Overview

Compass simplifies the software maze. It offers a panoramic view of components, clarifying ownership and interactions, promoting clarity and efficient management.

Optimize Your Distributed Systems with Atlassian Compass

Unlock Your Software's Full Potential!

Elevate your development process with Compass. Seamlessly integrate, collaborate, and optimize for unparalleled results. Dive into a transformative experience tailored for modern software needs.

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