Life in Codes' footprint in the logistics industry: Case Study

The client we’re going to present today is a global leader in the logistics industry. This large company is known for its dedication to innovation, sustainability, and exceptional customer service. With a vast network spanning multiple countries, this company continuously seeks to enhance its operational processes and maintain its market-leading position.


We’re proud to be contributing since 2021 to the digital evolution of such a complex company.


We definitely enjoy working closely with the Business Architect in the Belgian office. He is acting as a bridge between business strategy and operational execution. His role is to optimize their processes, technology, and resources to achieve their strategic objectives and drive sustainable growth.


Let’s dive into the story.

Before collaborating with Life in Codes, the company struggled with manual and inefficient project tracking, including project activities and status reporting. This led to significant frustrations due to inefficient project management processes, poor communication, and suboptimal decision-making.


It all made sense to us, we knew immediately we could help.


The main goal was to move towards streamlined project management processes by enhancing the usage of existing tools, like Confluence and JIRA. This would include better project planning, task management, resource allocation, and integration with other systems, all visualized through tools like Gantt charts and Kanban boards for clearer oversight and control.


The digital transformation initiative was driven by the urgent need for efficiency and advanced capabilities in the company’s operational processes. Recognizing the potential of their existing tools, the company aimed to fully utilize and integrate these systems to create a centralized platform for managing tasks and resources effectively. This approach was essential for achieving greater transparency and consistency in workflows.


Our involvement as Atlassian experts was crucial, we brought the necessary expertise to tailor the tools to the company’s specific needs, enabling a smooth and effective transformation that aligned with their strategic goals.


The decision to seek consultancy services stemmed from the company’s limited experience and understanding in achieving the desired outcomes with customized solutions. Recognizing the need for specialized skills and deeper insights, the company opted for expert consultancy.


Smart choice!


This enabled them to tackle complex issues effectively, gain fresh perspectives, adopt industry best practices, and develop solutions specifically crafted to align with their business model and objectives.


Having an expert on the ground definitely changes the approach, right?


“Collaborating with Life in Codes has significantly impacted our company by implementing new technologies and enhancing current ones. This partnership has greatly improved our team’s efficiency and effectiveness.

As a result, we’ve seen more streamlined operations, better team collaboration, higher productivity, and fewer errors, leading to superior project management and outcomes.

Initially introduced to us as experts in the field, Life in Codes demonstrated their capabilities during a trial period. Impressed by their services, we decided to extend our contract with them to continue benefiting from their expertise.”


  • In the short term, the company experienced a noticeable decrease in operational bottlenecks and an increase in the speed of project delivery.
  • Over the long term, these improvements are expected to sustain, further enhancing the company’s capacity to innovate and meet customer demands efficiently.


Reflecting on the journey, the company’s Business Architect highlighted:


“Overall I can only state that the collaboration and support received so far were excellent. Working and communicating efficiently and effectively together is key to success.”


The seamless collaboration and customer-centric approach of Life in Codes have made us a preferred partner for future initiatives. 🤓


A: I would highly recommend other organizations to consider partnering with Life in Codes. They truly stand out for their Atlassian technology consulting services, innovation-driven approach, and seamless collaboration.

Cherry on the cake, their customer-centric focus makes Life in Codes the ideal choice for other businesses to unlock opportunities and full potential.


Our collaboration with this world-leading logistics company underscores the transformative power of strategic digital solutions tailored to specific business needs.


By leveraging Life in Codes’ expertise in Atlassian technologies and customized development, the company has achieved remarkable improvements in project management, operational efficiency, and team collaboration. These enhancements have not only fortified their industry-leading position, but also set a foundation for continued innovation and growth.


We take pride in the role we play in their transformation journey and remain committed to supporting their ongoing success. This partnership exemplifies our dedication to delivering impactful solutions that drive tangible results and client satisfaction.

Feel free to reach out and discuss with us the situation of your company, being it in the logistics industry or not — our case studies prove that we have strong expertise cross-industries.


You can directly book some time with our team here.


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