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In our work as Atlassian Solution Partner, we implement their suite of applications to fit the needs of every customer and ultimately lead to an easier, more transparent process that improves productivity.

In our years of experience talking to tens of different customers, we got to see how each of them benefits from these applications, and even more, what additional features they would need that would make their projects run even smoother.

This is how we started working on our first application for Jira: a simple and very customizable way to preview information by simply hovering the issue key.

Practical applications

This lightweight addition to Jira will save your company a lot of time by giving each team only the information they need in performing their tasks.

In the current setup of Jira, hovering the issue key will show you the summary of the project. Our app makes it possible to integrate other key fields in this preview, eliminating the need of opening each project in a different tab and searching the information you need through all the fields.

For example, the sales team needs to know the contract number and total cost of each open issue. They can now see this information from all the different projects by staying on one page and hovering over the issue keys. Similarly, HR will need to know the contract start date and number of people involved – they can see only these fields by simply hovering the issue key. Therefore, each team saves precious time and has a better, clearer overview of the items they need.

How do you set it up?

Issue Preview for Jira is easy to use, both for administrators and for users. You just have to configure which fields you want to see in the hover, and that’s it!

You can add all of the lists Jira provides by default, or you can add custom fields. You can easily create, edit, delete configurations, or reorder fields in this administrative screen.

Easy to configure, just select for each project which fields you want to view.

We recommend the first thing you do is to set the default fields. For every projects that do not have a specific configuration, the default list of fields will be displayed.

You can have as many project specific configuration as you want. Just select a project and populate the list of fields. If you delete a project configuration, the default configuration will be displayed.

The app supports fields specific to Jira Software, Jira Service Desk, all Jira Core custom field types, Scripted fields (ScriptRunner for Jira) and more. It is however not enabled on Jira Service Desk customer portal for security reasons. Jira security is taken into consideration, so an user only sees info that he is permitted.

After you finished your configuration, you can preview any hover you want. Put a valid Issue Key and click on Preview to get a URL to that issue. Hover it to see the fields you selected. A popup will show if you hover a URL of a project for more than 2 seconds. After leaving the popup, it will disappear in a short time. The hover is scroll-able and re-sizeable, so you can view as many fields as you want.

Preview the configuration from the admin page by specifying a valid issue key and clicking preview
This is how the preview looks like in a Service Desk queue


The pricing depends on the number of users – see more information here.

Most importantly, you can try it for free for 30 days.

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