As an admin, have you ever felt the need of lending your users a hand regarding not only the metadata of a page, but the correct metadata value itself?

If yes, you will enjoy using Communardo’s Metadata for Confluence app a lot, since you not only can preset metadata fields and sets for pages and spaces, but also predefine the values in question, making it easier to fill in and resulting in consistent metadata throughout your wiki.

Have a look at one of the various use cases to get insights into how some of our customers are using the metadata predefined value feature. 

Creating documentation for release notes 

So let’s imagine the following scenario:

A software company releases multiple versions of products on a regular basis. To ensure a consistent quality, a release note documentation needs to be done each time.

Thus, the admin has set up a template containing all relevant information. Furthermore, he also created a metadata set assigned to this template with all the needed fields and values for the documentation.

As the release note documentation is to be created by the product owner of the product on the day of the release, the admin predefined the metadata values of the ‘product owner’ as ‘createdby’ and ‘release date’ field as ‘createdon’.

As a last step in the preparation, he assigned this metadata set the release notes template.

With this, each user – such as the product owner in our case – can simply create a new page from the ‘release notes’ template. The metadata set with the predefined values is automatically available on the left side of the page. Plus, mandatory fields can be marked, which have to be filled in before one can save a page.

Try it now: Guide your users with metadata and get things done faster 

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