Atlassian License Hacks

Welcome to a new installment of our Life in Codes series, where we dive into the tech world’s nitty-gritty with experts who’ve been there, done that. This time, we’re thrilled to share a chat Ovidiu, our Business Development Manager, had with Mindaugas Dūda, an Atlassian expert with over a decade in web development and a talent for making Atlassian products work wonders for businesses.

Mindaugas doesn’t just know Atlassian; he lives it. With 14 years in web development and more than five dedicated to Atlassian products, he’s the go-to guy for businesses looking to streamline their workflows and cut down on unnecessary costs. His journey from a passionate developer to a certified Atlassian consultant is nothing short of inspiring.


Ever wondered why your company spends so much on software licenses? Mindaugas points out that regular audits are key to uncovering hidden costs and optimizing your tech stack. It’s not just about saving bucks but also about enhancing your apps’ performance and ensuring a smooth user experience.


Mindaugas shared some eye-opening insights from his auditing adventures. He’s seen it all, from companies paying for ghost users who’ve never logged in, to overkill license allocations for simple tasks. His pro tip? Regular checks can help you identify these pitfalls and adjust your licenses accordingly, saving you a pretty penny in the process.


Think of Atlassian consultants as your tech-world superheroes. They’re not just about fixing issues, but ensuring your Atlassian setup aligns with your business goals. Mindaugas explained how consultants could help with everything from workflow optimization to training your team on the latest features.


While once a year might be enough for some, Mindaugas advises more frequent audits for fast-growing companies or those undergoing significant changes. It’s all about keeping your tech ecosystem scalable and aligned with your business processes.


Sure, saving money is great, but Mindaugas reminded us that audits offer more. They’re a chance to reassess your security, streamline your processes, and ensure your setup is ready for whatever your business might throw at it next.


If you’re relying heavily on Atlassian products or if your company is on a growth trajectory, it’s time to consider an audit. Mindaugas emphasized that keeping your systems scalable and your license costs in check is crucial for any business aiming for efficiency and growth.


Our conversation with Mindaugas was a treasure trove of insights into optimizing Atlassian licensing costs. Whether you’re a seasoned tech pro or just getting started, there’s something for everyone in this chat.

Dive deeper into Mindaugas’s world of Atlassian optimization by watching the full video below. Catch all the details and maybe even set up a meeting with Ovidiu to get your Atlassian setup on the right track. And don’t forget to subscribe for more tech insights that could save your business time and money.

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Atlassian License Cost Hacks

Atlassian License Hacks Welcome to a new installment of our Life in Codes series, where we dive into the tech world’s nitty-gritty with experts who’ve

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