As of February 2021, Atlassian will end new server license sales and will implement new prices for server renewals and upgrades. The company will also end support for all server products in 2024 – see timeline below.

For customers who can’t or don’t want to make the cloud migration, Atlassian will continue to offer its self-managed Atlassian Data Center, which will receive updates to make it easier to use the cloud and Data Center products together. Data Center will be upgraded with new native apps and Atlassian will throw in priority support for most user tiers. Data Center subscription pricing will also update on February 2.


The majority of Atlassian’s customers are already benefitting from the advantages of cloud, like streamlined administration, instant scalability, and quicker time to value. In fact, more than 90 percent start with Atlassian cloud products, with more server customers making the switch every day. In order to move faster and sharpen their focus as a cloud-first company, Atlassian will change their offerings to server and Data Center.

What is Life in Codes’ view?

We understand why Atlassian made these changes, but we also understand that for some of our customers the transition won’t be easy. We are here to explain all the changes and see together what works best for your team.

What can you do to ensure the best solution for your team?

Act fast and smart in order to avoid costs, uncertainties and inefficiencies for your team. Here’s our 3-step plan if you are a server or Data Center Atlassian customer:

  1. Take the quiz ”Cloud or Data Center = which one is right for you?”
  2. Ask for a personalised price comparison and recommendation tool – contact us
  3. Plan the migration to Data Center or Cloud, as necessary. Free trials and loyalty discounts may apply – contact us to learn more

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