All you need to know about Atlassian Intelligence

Atlassian’s most exciting news of 2023, the addition of AI capabilities of Cloud products, has finally materialised. It is now general available for Atlassian users everywhere on Premium and Enterprise.

What is Atlassian Intelligence?

 Atlassian Intelligence is a collection of AI-powered capabilities across products bringing the power of AI to cloud products Confluence, Bitbucket, Jira Software, Jira Service Management, Trello, Atlas, Atlassian Analytics. Think of Atlassian Intelligence as your virtual teammate. Its capabilities extend across Atlassian products, making each member of your organization more productive. Helping you learn more about your data and knowledge bases. And driving action that saves time, resolves issues faster, helps create, and makes the complex, simple.

Leveraging both internal Artificial Intelligence models and OpenAI’s AI technology, Atlassian Intelligence deduces how teams at a given company work together and constructs a custom teamwork graph showing the types of work being done and the relationship between them. With the open approach of the Atlassian platform, the teamwork graph is also enriched with additional context and data from the third-party apps teams use.

I am on Cloud, so what does this mean for me? 

Premium and Enterprise Cloud customers now have generally available Atlassian Intelligence features, the most exciting which we explain below. Free and Standard Cloud customers that participated in the Atlassian Intelligence beta program will continue to have access to Atlassian Intelligence features until June 30, 2024. After this grace period, Free and Standard customers will need to upgrade to a Premium or Enterprise plan to continue using Atlassian Intelligence features.

Some exciting features include

  • Answers in Confluence: an OpenAI-powered feature to answer your questions directly in Confluence Search. Atlassian Intelligence understands questions you would ask a teammate and answers them instantly based on the latest information in Confluence, helping you stop searching and start asking.
  • Smart Answers in Search can answer a wide range of queries about any content you have access to within Confluence, including questions about specific knowledge areas such as projects or products.
  • Natural Language Issue Search: a recent addition to the new Jira issue navigator (consolidated instance and project search) experience which converts natural language queries into JQL. By streamlining complex searches and increasing the efficiency of basic searches, the natural language issue search simplifies the process of finding issues.
  • Virtual Agent & AI Answers: the Jira Service Management virtual agent automates support interactions right from within Slack (Microsoft Teams coming soon) to free up agent time and deliver exceptional service at scale. Deflect repetitive service requests and allow your team to focus on more important work and complex issues that require a human touch. You can create custom intents built off your existing request data, or tap into the power of your existing knowledge base with the Atlassian Intelligence answers feature.
  • Issue Summaries for JSM: with the click of a button, Atlassian Intelligence instantly summarizes issue details and comments to bring agents and stakeholders up to speed quickly. Eliminate the need to manually digest lengthy comment histories by quickly generating a succinct overview of the conversation, highlighting meetings held, key points discussed, and progress made.
  • Bitbucket: generate, transform, and summarize the description and comments in pull requests while you’re writing. For example: Assist in writing pull request descriptions, generate comments using custom prompts, and change the tone of your description and comments to improve communication.

Read the Atlassian Intelligence guide to learn more or contact us for a free demo!


I am not yet on Cloud, can I benefit in any way from Atlassian Intelligence? 

Unfortunately not. Atlassian has not announced any plans of making this available on Server or Data Center. So if you were still doubting a migration, perhaps this offers a good incentive to do it? Read more about our migration to cloud process or contact us for any questions you might have!

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