Updated: September 2022

Since we work with different customers going through similar things, we decided to put together this list, a personal recommendation for the must-have apps (formerly add-ons) for Atlassian Confluence based on feedback from our customers.

We will try to keep this list updated. Let us know if you have any suggestion that you think should be included, or just contact us (we can provide discounts for licenses, demo or help you implement these apps) if you want to try any of these, and I will help you get started.

Advanced Tables for Confluence

Upgrade your tables with auto-numbering, advanced sorting, auto-total, customised styling and more.


Table Filter and Charts for Confluence

Versatile and easy to use tool for managing tables and data in Confluence, building charts and spreadsheets.

User Management for Confluence (On-premise only)

Make your life easier with automated user management, bulk update users, audit logging.

SAML Single Sign On – Confluence SAML SSO + User Sync

Up your security game with this must-have app for user provisioning and single sign on authentication, supporting multiple IDPs.

Refined for Confluence | Sites & Themes

A Confluence theme to customize your Jira Service Desk customer portals and your Confluence spaces.


draw.io Diagrams & Whiteboards

When you need interactive, easy-to-create diagrams to integrate in your spaces, this is the answer.


Comala Document Management

Go beyond writing documents and start managing them with reviews and approvals from Comala Document Management.


Cenote Lockpoint – Attachment Checkout

Lock and unlock Confluence attachments for exclusive editing and controlled change management.


Content Formatting Macros

Create visually appealing and engaging Confluence content with macros including Tabs, Tooltips, Buttons, and many more.


Handy Macros for Confluence – Formatting and Interactive UI

Change statuses and dates when viewing a page to save time. Get more from task reminders, timestamps, dynamic cards, and buttons.


izi – LMS for Confluence – Courses, Quizzes, Forms

If you need to create courses and quizzez for internal training and onboarding, this is a must-have.


Scaffolding Forms & Templates

Better control of data entry & data representation to create structured forms & manage the sophisticated use of data. Scaffolding provides reusable and editable forms with powerful Live Templates to simplify managing large Confluence instances.


Reporting for Confluence

Reporting for Confluence Cloud is a truly transformative app that gives everyone, not just power users, the ability to create reports that help them visualize and understand their Confluence data.

Visibility for Confluence

Dynamically show or hide content sections, based on various conditions.

Scriptrunner for Confluence

When you don’t find an app doing what you need, just get this one and do it yourself (scripting skills needed, but we provide that as a service). Comes with predefined scripts, more macros, automated archiving or cleaning of old pages in the trash, REST API endpoints to integrate your other systems and much more. 


Requirements Yogi

Takes writing and tracking requirements in Confluence to the next level

Scroll Documents

Brings advanced version management and change tracking to your Confluence documents and documentation.

And with Scroll PDF and Word Exporter you can also export your pages to custom-styled exports


If you want personalised advice and app recommendations adapted to your specific needs, feel free to contact us.

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