Updated: August 2022

Since we are often being asked, I decided to put together this list, a personal recommendation for the must-have apps (formerly add-ons) for Atlassian Bitbucket based on feedback from our customers.

I will try to keep this list updated. Let us know if you have any suggestion that you think should be included, or just contact us (we can provide discounts for licenses, demo or help you implement these apps) if you want to try any of these, and I will help you get started.

Awesome Graphs for Bitbucket

Awesome Graphs provides illustrative graphs and charts to visualize the contribution statistics in Git repositories. You get analytical data for monitoring, reporting, and planning.

Security for Bitbucket (Data Center only)

Run security audits for committed API keys, passwords, and more. Protect your dev workflow against accidental credential leaks.


Categories for Bitbucket (Data Center only)

Very useful for organizing your Bitbucket projects and repositories.


File Viewer for Bitbucket (Data Center only)

Easily view your 3D models, geographic data structures, PDF and CSV files directly on Bitbucket pages.

Webhook to Jenkins for Bitbucket (Data Center only)

Improve your DevOps workflow with automation that instantly notifies Jenkins about code commits and merges from Bitbucket.

SAML Single Sign On (SAML SSO) Bitbucket + User Sync (Data Center only)

Must-have for user provisioning and single sign on authentication, supporting multiple IDPs.

Scriptrunner for Bitbucket (Data Center only)

When you don’t find an app doing what you need, just get this one and do it yourself (scripting skills needed, but we provide that as a service). Comes with predefined scripts, more hooks, close repository, extended pull request approval functionality, REST API endpoints to integrate your other systems and much more. 

For personalised advice and app recommendations adapted to your specific needs, feel free to contact us.

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