Life in Codes' footprint in the tech industry: Adore Me case study

Over the years, we have guided many tech organizations in their digital transformation efforts. This story is not about an easy win, but about how we’ve managed to tame & simultaneously adapt to a team that was initially very resistant.


Meet Silvia, the dynamic Technical Innovation Coach at Adore Me. She plays a pivotal role at Adore Me, a pioneering brand in the intimate apparel industry and the first to earn a B Corp certification in the US. Silvia and her team are based in the very chic Bucharest office, where they focus on developing innovative software solutions that propel the business forward.


Adore Me thrives on agile practices and constant improvement. One of Silvia’s major achievements during the 7 years she’s been with the company has been leading her team through an agile transformation, enhancing their processes and mindset towards technical excellence.


Initially hesitant about working with external consultants, Silvia found their approach to be a game-changer. Unlike the typical ticket-based systems that many consultants use, these experts truly integrated with the Adore Me team. They took the time to understand the internal workings and needs of the company, proving themselves to be invaluable partners. Silvia’s experience shows that with the right collaboration, even the skeptics can be swayed!

When Adore Me decided to switch from their outdated on-prem Atlassian system to a cloud-based alternative, they anticipated a straightforward migration. However, life had other plans. In the middle of planning with Alex from Life in Codes, their data center suffered a major crash, taking their Jira system offline and throwing team plans into disarray.


Faced with this sudden outage, Adore Me had to think on their feet. With Alex’s guidance, they quickly shifted gears from a standard migration to an emergency data export and import into a new cloud instance. This workaround wasn’t just innovative—it was essential to keep the teams functional without their usual tracking tools.


Months later, once they recovered the original data, Alex stepped in again to help integrate missing details like tickets, comments, and attachments, finally stabilizing the system. This experience showcased the resilience and adaptability necessary for Adore Me and Life in Codes to overcome unexpected tech hurdles.


Silvia at Adore Me was on a mission to find the ultimate project management tool. She wasn’t just looking for any solution; she wanted something that could handle everything—roadmaps, product strategies, OKRs, and whether her teams preferred sprints or Kanban boards. The dream? To bring everyone and every process together in one cohesive platform.


Enter Jira Cloud. With its Advanced Roadmap feature, it was exactly what Silvia was searching for. But customizing the tool to scale without complicating their workflow was tricky. When simple Googling or combing through Atlassian docs wasn’t enough, Silvia turned to outside experts for a fresh perspective on best practices. Their objective insights were crucial. And guess what? Jira Cloud really delivered, turning Silvia’s dream into a reality by aligning strategies, roadmaps, objectives, and delivery work all in one place.


In the midst of a challenging migration to a new system, our team proved to be the perfect partner for the Adore Me team. Silvia, spearheading the project, found the Atlassian administration aspect daunting, likening it to needing a PhD to navigate the complexities. But Life in Codes, with their deep expertise, made it all look easy, offering solutions that saved days of frustrating searches and DIY fixes.


Adore Me, a company that values high retention and close-knit teamwork, initially hesitated to bring in external consultants. They were used to handling things internally and prized direct, face-to-face communication. However, the integration with Life in Codes exceeded expectations.


From the get-go, Alex, the CEO of Life in Codes, and his team clicked with Adore Me’s culture. They didn’t just work as external consultants; Alex even got his own Adore Me account and became a regular in their Slack channels, blending seamlessly into the team. His willingness to engage deeply with Adore Me’s staff, even popping by for coffee and conversations, solidified a partnership based on mutual respect and effective collaboration. This openness and adaptability were key to making this partnership not just workable but exceptional.


Mihai’s Chameleon Style: When it came time to introduce Advanced Jira Roadmaps, Mihai wasn’t just there to show the ropes; he dove deep. He ran a demo, but more importantly, he stayed to really understand how Adore Me’s team mapped their objectives and handled their projects. His approach was all about listening and adapting, ensuring the new tools enhanced their workflow without major disruptions.


Georgiana’s Impact: Georgiana took on the challenge of changing how knowledge was transferred within the organization. Discussing not just the tools like Confluence but the broader concept of a Knowledge Management platform, she shifted the focus from mere tools to transformation strategies. Her involvement wasn’t as an external consultant but as an integral part of the team.


Yurii’s Contribution: Yurii, whom the team hadn’t met in person (yet), became an unexpected favorite. Despite relying on asynchronous ticket-based collaboration (which wasn’t Adore Me’s preferred style :sweat_smile:), Yurii’s contributions were highly valued for their precision and effectiveness in solving problems remotely.


These stories highlight how external consultants can become essential parts of an internal team, proving that with the right people, even the most challenging transitions can be smooth and successful.


Adore Me’s experience with Life in Codes ended up being more than just a consultancy; it was a partnership that significantly enhanced their operational capabilities.

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