An informal interaction with colleagues and social serendipity is one of the most challenging parts of the journey towards becoming a digital-first company.

Blog posting is a native feature within Confluence product, included in every license plan. It can power your corporate news stream and be the place employees can share their personal success stories or highlight their team’s achievements. 

Format can vary – from social stream post with option to press “like” buttons to an embedded video recording. This demo covers two types of posts, which are defined in a one page guide for employees.

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Official Announcements

  • published or authorized by executive leaders (e.g. policy updates, official announcements, etc. )

  • featured on Social Hub homepage,

  • streamed into each employee’s personal page, placed on top position

Social Stream

  • everyone can post news using preconfigured templates

  • Refined-app admin can be notified of each post by email and have rights to correct or remove post

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